Just dumped another 7mil/6mil into walls, see how fast my lavas are going. I’m currently on my break (actually already 2 weeks past my finals) and I’m having lots of time to farm walls. I’ll aim to farm most of my lavas during my sem break, as well as get >30/35 royals in this 2 month break.

My last lvl5 cannon is done and all my defensive upgrades now take at least 1 day to complete. I’ll work on traps now until everything takes at least a day to finish. With conflicting builder requirements on TH10 offense and heroes, I’ll need to juggle them well. I’m doing just fine using TH9 offenses and I’ll still finish camps before arch 7 and barb 7 are both complete, so I’m not stressing out to complete my army camps right now. Being able to farm 6mil elixir everyday makes planning super easy for me

Note: I used to farm 12mil each when I was grinding magmas on my main. I got around 1.8-2.5mil per hr by sniping in M3 and attacking collector bases whenever I find one. I got around 6-12 snipes per hour (600k-1.2mil each) and 3-4 collector bases (300-400k each)


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