Final TH10 showcase of this account as I move on to TH11. Prepared capped loot, both heroes awake, bought a 2 day shield and I have all builders coming free for this upgrade. Only 2 days left, I’m excited to get warden for this account now 🙂

My plan for a new TH11 would depend on whether I buy the new TH11 value pack to help me start out the warden and get EA built immediately. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is as worth it as the TH10 pack because 17 days of infernos and 11.5mil is more worth than the mere 10 days of EA and 8mil gold. The worthwhile thing of the TH11 pack is the free Grand Warden which can save me the 6mil elixir for me to upgrade lab.

If I bought the pack, my order will be: Lab, GW lvl2, new xbow, new WT, storages

If I didn’t buy the pack, my order will be: GW lvl1 and lvl2, Eagle, new AT/cannon, new WT, farm hard for lab and GW lvl3 (9mil elixir within 12 hrs)

The problem of being a new TH11 is that you need 8.5mil immediately for GW lvl1 and lvl2 as well as 6mil elixir for lab. Then, lvl2 GW will be 12 hours demanding another 3mil elixir for the lvl3 upgrade. But after upgrading GW to lvl4, he becomes very cheap and shouldn’t pose a problem, especially after farming 9mil elixir within the first day.

I already have 2.1k gems unused on this account and I fear that USD$20 would be quite pricey for me especially since the 2.5k gems might be unused as well.


I would like to ask the readers to see if you would like for me to journal this account concurrently with my TH10 as well.

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