Only half an hour to go! Treasury and collectors prepared for the initial upgrades.


And since I can’t wait:


Gemmed the upgrade and changed to my new temporary farming base. Here’s the amount of loot I brought over from TH10:

8.5mil gold and 8.5mil elixir in storages

About 800k-1mil gold and elixir in collectors

2.2mil gold and elixir in treasury


  1. EA lvl1
  2. GW lvl1 > GW lvl2 > GW lvl3
  3. WT lvl1 > new AT/cannon
  4. Xbow lvl1
  5. New AT/cannon > Lab

Farming is still decent as a new TH11. I’m a little to high to find collectors right now so I’ll drop and farm the delicious loot

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