Finally done with Archers lvl7 and I feel strong now. With archers shooting purple arrows, I’ve taken down bases for 50% on bases I previously could not. Just the slight difference has made archers a huge asset in my army, can’t wait for 240 space and barbs to join them.

Clan castle is done and 35 space allows me to bring 4 valks into raids. Someone asked me previously why do I bring 5 bowlers instead, its because 3 valks are quite weak and 6 giants just don’t compliment my army well. But 4 valks give them just enough power to edge over bowlers to be my new go-to troop for CC offense. They also work well on defense 🙂

BK upgrading to lvl21 right now and I need to farm hard for the DE. Looking at the DE yesterday, I see that I’ve farmed up a good 25k DE in a span of 24 hrs. Continue at this rate and I’ll be able to keep both heroes down until they’re about 25/32, which is good for me


Attack log:


Decent amount of loot with minimal effort. Would like more DE so I’m slowly pushing up.


  1. interesting.. i’m in GMT +7 usually the loot is good when usa peoples sleeping, but sometimes i change my coc language to european (french, german etc.) checking timezone, when they are sleeping


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