Started upgrade on my WT, and saving enough elixir for the next level of GW. After the mad rush of elixir required in TH11 for lab and GW lvl1-3, everything else becomes too easy. GW only requires 4mil elixir for the next level and he takes 1.5 day to finish his current level.

It seems to be a TH11 phenomenon that you’re constantly milked by people, due to my exposed storage locations, a few people have used a partial army to take out 2 of my elixir storages and getting an easy 180k without giving me a shield. Quite a nuisance actually.


Attack log:


Using this casual army to gain reasonable amounts of loot. I look for bases with >450k elixir and at most TH9 defenses to attack. For dead bases, I just use all my valks and arch, wiz to take it all and drop trophies. Costs me 2k DE but only takes 22min to retrain which is similar to barch.

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