Farmed 30k DE within a span of a day, that’s good for me 🙂 Plan to max my DE storage before AQ wakes up, so that’s around 30k per day from now on.

Planned to do xbow today, but after doing cost:benefit calculations, I found that upgrading the DE yet again beats out the xbow construction. Defenses are just so weak that its pointless building more of them, but resource buildings will always yield more loot by upgrading them. DE drill is the most worth structure of all.

Someone in the forums said that they were already 2 months into TH10 yet did not upgrade the 3rd drill yet. Let’s calculate, shall we?

It takes minimum 1+2+3+4+6+8 = 24 days. So the player would have the benefit of a maxed drill for 5 weeks (2 months – 24 days ~= 5 weeks). 35 days * 2400 DE/day = 84,000 DE. Its not an amount to scoff at especially since it is enough to upgrade a BK level by doing nothing, and a TH10 has 3 of them.

Whereas upgrading an xbow to lvl3 will take 7+8+10 = 25 days yet may not yield any benefit at all in terms of loot loss, especially since my DE loss for the past 3 weeks has been less than 15k in total. Its hard to justify upgrading defenses because I already lose a tiny amount, so resources definitely benefit me more.


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