Farming is quite good today, started at around 2700 at M3, now at 2800+ at M2. Dead bases and plenty of bases with weak defenses to get elixir from



(short of one pic due to upload fail, going to try uploading the missing pic tomorrow)

All the 0 stars aren’t fails, those are just me sprinkling valks to take out all the collectors within the base. Doing that just costs around 2.2k DE but only takes around 22min to train, so its as good as barch except for the bonus. Sacrificing DE like that is still ok because my DE is still overflowing.

I failed with mightythor there, he still had around 100k worth of loot in collectors but I had to quit because AQ was getting mauled. Kuwait also a relative fail, didn’t funnel my valks into the core, so missed out 90k/90k from the TH

Sample of the types of bases I’m hitting:


Lots of good loot for the TH11 to get, so there’s no excuse that you’re getting poor loot. I hit some live bases because I want to dedicate more time in my other accounts rather than nexting away in only this account


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