Lucky I made no mistake on this account today. My 3rd army camp is done today 🙂 My next plan for offense will be my dark barracks to unlock bowlers, however if I did that I’ll have a 3 day gap without any builders. That isn’t a good idea because it only takes 1 day for me to overflow, so I started a archer tower upgrade which would take a day.


Archer tower > Archer tower > Dark barracks

AQ 27 > AQ 28

DE drill 4 > DE drill 5

Army camp #4 > AT (2 days) > 1 day upgrades

BK 21 > BK 22

After all these 1 day upgrades are done, I’ll need to constantly keep 1 builder free for walls or else I’ll overflow constantly. The pain of farming too much.

On a side note, I made 30k DE today so I’m well on the way to get enough DE for BK and AQ


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