Overslept 2 hours today 😦 Luckily I already farmed 7mil yesterday, so no stress to dump loot on walls again today. Going to start my dark barracks upgrade tomorrow, which explains the high amount of elixir I have.

Resources are really easy to come by in TH10, casual farming the entire day and 6-9mil rolls in easily. For a TH10, I usually farm 1mil gold and around 10k DE at the same time. However, I’m in the wrong league right now because I’m still not fully maxed offense. Once my barch is maxed though, I expect to easily reach C2 and stay there for quite some time. I already can feel the immense strength behind lvl7 archers, so I just need lvl7 barbs to support them.

Too bad bomb towers really screw me up, and sometimes I spread troops badly so I don’t have enough troops to clean up. I’ll probably work on zap spells to lvl5 after barch, because I find lvl2 zaps too weak to be worthwhile in my raids. Zapping a full maxed drill only yields 400 DE out of 1300, a maxed zap spell can get around 640 which is much more worth its cost


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