Well, DE going to overflow today 😦 Only 1 more day to AQ waking then I can dump 140k away, so got that going for me. Started my dark barracks upgrade, so I’ve removed minions from my army comp. Currently using 88 barbs, 135 arch and 6 wb, with 235 army camp space.

Climbing steadily to C2 and I’m finding better and better loot as I move up. Less TH9s with more dead TH10s, too bad I’m capped out on DE and I can’t enjoy it. Nonetheless, it will greatly help with my hero farming so I’m not complaining.

Next upgrades:

AQ 27 > AQ 28 > AQ 29

DE drill lvl4 > Tesla lvl2 > 1 day upgrades

Army camp #4 > Dark barracks #2

BK 21 > BK 22 > BK 23




  1. Loving following your guides. I keep trying to get my team to follow your method but they are so stubborn about it! Maxed bases FTW they say, then we get smashed in wars anyway because their troops can’t take out the strong bases we are pitched against.

    My lower ranked rusher consistently takes out bases 2-3 spots higher than him in the match up and is a valuable asset to the team. My higher ranked maxer struggles to take out his match up and sometimes even those below him.


    • Yeah, that’s the case when I was still a newbie TH9. Many stubborn and ignorant maxers in this game, I remembered I was ridiculed quite badly in my first clan, but now I’ve blown past them in terms of progress and war skill. Keep going on and show them you’re the best 🙂


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