Well, spent my DE today to get BK down. More farming ahead as I still need a ton of DE and elixir for my upgrades. Elixir is easy, 6-7mil per day isn’t hard for me to do, but elixir comes in a little hard. Lvl2 lightning spell is dreadful and that’s the next thing I’ll upgrade. I’m used to 500 DE per zap, not 300+


I’ll need 250k combined for the next levels of BK and AQ, so I’ll need to farm around 30+k DE per day. Shouldn’t be too hard, let’s see how well I do today.

People still don’t believe that rushed defenses can hold well:


Even some reasonably strong attacks fail to penetrate my base, I can’t comprehend how am I going to prove that rushed defenses actually defend better than maxed ones. I haven’t even built my new xbow and bomb tower, yet I stop many attacks from getting much from my base

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