Accidentally dropped back to C3 in the morning 😦 These raids are my redemption back to C2, where DE flows better. Right now, these raids have good gold/elixir but relatively poor DE.


Total loot = 5.38mil, 14.9k DE

Loot bonus = 32k each for 50% destruction

I’ll not include the DE zap in my average raid calculations because it took 0 time.

Average loot per raid = 368k gold, 368k elixir and 1950 DE

Quite good loot, though DE should be closer to 3.6k per raid, but that will come due time when I’m in C1. I can’t understand why people cannot farm good loot in TH10, which is why I always say “if you’re not gaining more loot in TH10 than TH9, you’re probably farming wrong”.


  1. I’m a max th5 going to th6 and just found your guides yesterday. Thank you for posting all of your progress, it has really changed the way I look at the game. After reading it seems that maxing my collectors was not the right move, but I am still going to follow your guides and try to remain as efficient as possible. What would be your recommendation if I wanted to war with my clan while rushing? Is there anything that I should do differently if I want to participate in wars? Thanks again for all the guides.


    • For war:
      1. Don’t build any mortars and bomb towers
      2. Leave all mortars and wizard towers underleveled
      1&2 will trick the matchmaking and make you look weaker than you are
      3. Rush to TH9 with minimal warring. Because warring in TH7/8 requires very different troops that become useless afterwards, so its better not to waste time on these troops.
      4. Max lava hounds and max balloons in TH9, they will be your primary army while you work on heroes. Its an air army so you don’t need heroes to war


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