I’ve been doing much more magma walls now in TH11 because loot is flowing quite well. Can easily rack up 6-7mil per day and I think I’ll need a free builder very soon.

Started an archer tower upgrade which will take a day to complete and my Warden is waking up tonight at lvl7. He’s slowly getting there, probably will gem a few levels off him so that I can start casual raiding.


Since I need DE for BK soon, I’ll switch up and not use valks for a while


Let’s just say that miners are garbage, the best bases to use them are dead bases and goblins do the job better. They’re too slow to be useful now. I’m still used to their old speed and it sucks using them now, goblins are better and valks are definitely better.

What SC did to miners:

  1. Remove the bug so that defenses will retarget after miners burrow underground. This is a justified move because miners were unparalleled tanks in the past. Once infernos lock on miners and they burrow down, the infernos will be as good as frozen because it is still trying to target miners who are invulnerable
  2. Increased burrowing time of miners. After miners kill a target, they wait about 2 sec before going down again, which imo is fair enough to let bomb towers act and makes them softer
  3. Increase delay before the first hit. Now this is the unfair thing SC did for miners, after miners come up, they wait about 0.5-1sec before they start their first attack. This is crazy because they become sitting ducks right in front of a mass of defenses. The worse thing is that this makes miners take around 30sec to kill 12 skeletons from skeleton spells and CC witches permanently wall miners now

/rant over

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