Upgraded another cannon today. DE is capped for today 😦 Going to fill up DE storage again, and her reduced cost for lvl26-40 will become a problem for me

Ever wonder why I focus on lavas and magmas while neglecting the lvl8 skulls I have? Its because they serve as a good loot dump in a pinch. When I have a free builder and 7mil loot, I’ll do 2 lavas and 1 lego to preserve my skull walls. If I had completed my skull walls, I will have 1mil left over and nothing to spend on. That might possibly cause me to overflow sooner or allow people to raid me earlier


skulls = lvl8 walls

legos = lvl9 walls

lavas = lvl10 walls

Excited for the next update, going to post the progress of all 3 accounts when it drops 🙂



      • I have a 25 AQ and a 26 BK, but all defenses except point are maxed and all troops except baby dragons and miners are maxed. Is it advisable to upgrade?


      • Actually seems good. I’d wait for the update abit before actually moving though. Lvl25 heroes are surprisingly good enough for most things except 3 starring in wars (you still 2 star solidly). Seems like there’s no more decent upgrades left for you in TH10, and the update gives lots of new things for TH11. Besides a possible loot drought, you’re actually fine to move up, because they give us a 1-gem boost over xmas which will help out in your transition

        Will advise to gem the time of warden as much as possible


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