Ah, the pleasures of playing a rushed account. With the new update going on, I need to spend more time on my main so I’ll need to sacrifice time elsewhere. With a rushed account, I can easily do many cheap upgrades on this and not worry about farming. People say rushing is for the hardcore player, I argue that it helps the casual player much more.

If I am a maxer, all my upgrades at TH10 will cost at least 5mil gold, that would require some farming to get. Since I rushed, I have a ton of 500k-1mil upgrades waiting to be done. Those are simple and I do not require much time to get those resources. This is a great advantage of a rusher, and that’s why I always recommend rushing to a new TH whenever you are on holiday or have a few weeks free.

Upgraded an Archer tower today because its a 2 day upgrade. Tomorrow, I will have a builder coming free (BK) so it makes no sense to have 2 builders coming free on the same day. I’ll do a 2 day upgrade because I will have no builder coming free the day after tomorrow.

This will be part of my guide “Builder management” which will come out soon 🙂


Attack logs:


Just casually strolling around, getting the necessary loot. Quite decent, I’m at around 3mil each as I’m typing this, usually have 6-7mil by this time on other days. Didn’t farm much today because focusing much more on main. I’ll share attack logs from main tomorrow

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