This is a short showcase of my TH11 who will be grinding for the new hero and wall levels 🙂

Update dropped yesterday and I was completely unprepared. Since the gift was scheduled on Monday, I thought the update would drop on Monday. Obviously I was wrong so I started out in Titans league 😦

Golden hour was upon us and I was in the wrong league with the wrong army comp. So I had to drop trophies, around 1500 trophies to be in the right range for farming.

That was more than 12 hrs before this picture:


CC down, AQ down, 3 new walls. Now farming for a WT and more walls. I also want to keep BK down, so that’s more DE needed

My plan is to farm 200k repeatedly and keep gemming heroes whenever I reach 200k. Hope I can finish at least AQ before I go travel in 17 days time 🙂

The picture is actually 13 hrs ago, right now I already have 105k DE as I type this



Extremely strong army. Warden alone provides more than enough power for the army. Forumers are sad that heroes down = can’t farm. The grand warden is so powerful that he’s the only thing that really matters

The GW adds much more hp to barch than any other troop in the game, that’s why I always preach to max GW first. AQ and BK give diminishing returns and really aren’t worth your time as GW.

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