BK went down again today. This is my base after my farming, so I have a decent amount in storages now. DE is more than enough to upgrade AQ again in 4 days, so she’ll be happily going to lvl30. Right now, my heroes are Bk 22, AQ 28 and are both upgrading.

Will have a free builder tomorrow, no stress in doing high cost upgrades so might not farm early in the morning like I usually do. Putting much more time in my main right now


Defense log:


Still not convinced that I need to upgrade any defenses, the base holds well and infernos are OP.

The hog rider event is fun. Done it on both my main and second accounts, but this account has a problem:



Both dark barracks are upgrading D: I’m seriously considering to gem one dark barracks so that I can do the event, but the gem cost will exceed the gem reward greatly. Still, it is the first ever event we’ve got, there might be hidden prizes along the way.

Should I gem one of my dark barracks?

On the bright side,


Got my first new Xmas tree across all my accounts. I’m pleased at least 🙂

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