It has been about 3 days since the update went live (AQ timer has gone by 3 days), and I have both heroes down and 99k in my storage. Going to buy the Xmas pack tomorrow and gem AQ 🙂

15 walls done in 3 days, they’re simple enough. 4mil per wall is a joke if you’re going to introduce only 50 new walls. That’s 200mil total resources and most good farmers will finish them by 10 days, 2 weeks at most.


Trying out loonion:


Decent enough DE, but could be better. 30min training time and large elixir + DE cost makes it less than ideal. But since I’m playing multiple accounts, I’m lazy to next in every single one so this is a good compromise

There’s barch attacks too:


A maxed GW buffs barch by a huge amount, that’s why I always say max GW first. AQ and BK actually don’t get as much value after lvl20 or so, only GW is worth every single level and elixir. That’s why even 20+ royals is fine for TH11 because GW is the only hero that matters, and 40/40/0 is far worse than 20/20/20.

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