Upgraded AQ again 🙂 Spent 500+ gems to finish her and she’s down again. Currently 19 walls done, 31 to go. Used mostly laloonion today, DE is good but elixir is poor. That’s why I’ve only done 4 walls today instead of the usual 5. Farmed around 130k DE in the past 24 hrs.


Plan to buy the Xmas super pack after I accumulated 90+k DE so that I can insta-gem AQ then keep her down again. The 2500 gems would be really helpful in maxing her, then I can basically stop farming and let BK finish himself because 190k DE a week is a complete joke for a TH11



19 down, 31 to go. Walls are easy, 200mil is almost no loot at all.

Attack log:


Had much more logs, but forgotten to take pictures of them. This is what I’m aiming for basically, easy collector loot or 5-6k DE per raid. With boosted drills, I’m actually punishing the players who have maxed defense because no one dares to hit them. While their drills accumulate, I’ll just wreck them for an easy 5-6k DE

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