Started BK upgrade to lvl27 today. DE going to overflow over the week :/ Life is tough when you keep overflowing like that. Might use QW+bowlers, but don’t think they’ll be good without warden to protect against dgb and infernos.

Boosted collectors across all my accounts, hoping to get more loot for doing nothing. This is why I keep saying to max collectors before defenses. Defenses isn’t going to save you much loot (see my TH10), but collectors will always produce more loot as you level it up. Once boosted, your collectors can fill your loot faster than you can lose it.


Attack log:screenshot_2016-12-23-07-13-10screenshot_2016-12-23-06-04-43

This is probably a good time to storage raid because many maxers have collectors boosted and nobody hits them. When I wreck them, I get storage + collector loot which is very good. Besides this circumstance though, its hard to justify using a strong army to storage raid

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