Another day of casual raiding. DE is overflowing and I just cannot remember that in my raids. I keep trying to zap DE drills despite having tons of DE already.

Started construction of my new xbow and that completes all my new buildings in TH10. Once its done, I’ll move it into the core. Building xbows is worthwhile because it adds 50 dps with a 7 day upgrade time. Its hard to upgrade defenses to gain 50 dps in 7 days.

Right now my cannons are lvl6 and 7 (4 lvl7, 2 lvl6). If I upgrade 3 lvl7 cannons and 1 lvl6 cannon, I’ll gain a total of 8+8+8+9 = 33 dps in 7 days. Building a new xbow is 50 dps which is a far better investment in time. Not to mention that xbows are really tanky and will take troops quite some time to take it down, and in this base, xbows can fire throughout the entire raid dealing lots of damage over time


Attack log:


I constantly forget and still zap drills even though I don’t need it. Loot is quite good even though I’m farming casually, might try using laloon in a while since it has been buffed. Ignoring the 1 hr gap between raids, you can see why I gain a much loot every day.

Since I’m spending much more time with my main account, I’m just casually raiding on this account throughout the day

Losing quite a bit of DE these days because I have full drills 😦 Drills can give out 75% of their capacity, so having a full lvl6 drill means I lose 1800*75% = 1350 DE per drill taken.

Too bad the cap is still 200k even in TH11 :/



  1. Hi Sin, Nice guide and journey you have there. And been following your guide since my th7 days. Just want to ask what is the min. upgrade before going to TH11? just offensive upgrade only, ill do the rest in defence. Thank you!


    • For offense, you only really need maxed TH10 offense buildings (camps, sf, cc, some barracks), maxed barch and a comfortable hero level. You really don’t need heroes to farm in TH11. Have maxed laloon too, so that there is an idle method for you to farm

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      • I see, thank you! Offense buildings are already ups and troops, my hero is 25/30.. i guess im good to go. Thanks again


      • No problems. Loot seems good the past few days despite the update, mainly because nothing was added to allow people to farm more. And people aren’t farming as much due to the second base


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