Grinding gears on today, farmed about 50-70k already


Super gem pack!


Gems used on the right things:


And she’s down again


Lots of farming today, quite fun to be able to farm on this account again. Using laloon today, so sacrificing on walls to finish heroes quicker


Just look at the types of bases I try to find, either easy bases without warden or 6k pulls when warden is awake. The main thing I try to find are dead bases or bases with full collectors + storage. With so many players having boosted collectors, its not hard to find those 500-600k bases. This is, in a way, punishing maxers because they aren’t hit quickly enough and have loot inside their collectors. It allows me to get more loot this way

Quite good resources today, and with the gem pack my heroes are 40/42 right now (both upgrading). I have 28 ivory walls now, and I almost have enough resources to make them 30 by tonight 🙂

Wish there were more wall and hero levels for me to play with, but it seems that my grind will finish before I go on vacation in early January. Good thing, so I don’t need to worry about clash when I’m abroad

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