This is what my base looked like this morning. 1 free builder for the new walls, both heroes down, cc upgrading and 1 wizard tower upgrading.


For those who don’t have access to the new ivory walls, this is how it looks like:


There is a line to blue text saying how many more walls can I build. So looking at this picture, I have 36 ivory walls done. This picture is from the morning and right now I have 39 walls done. These walls are way too easy and I’ll complete them soon. I will probably start working on my new WT so that means wall progress will be much slower without that free builder.

Put my AQ back to sleep again today:


Spent another 770+ gems to wake her up and put her back to sleep. At least my gems are put into good use, she’ll be maxed in another 10 days or so. I’ll not wake her up at lvl45, because I won’t have enough gems left. Any sponsors? 🙂

Attack log:


Nothing too impressive DE wise today. The bottom base is a dead base, evident by the 4050 DE; the second base is a premmie, didn’t need to use my freeze spell to end the raid; the top base is a maxer, 600k loot is really delicious and will help fund my walls.

Farming this way is quite relaxing, buts its only good right now where people are boosting their collectors. Once collector boost ends, raiding like this will only be profitable in high Titans league. But bases are much harder in Titans and tend to defend against the meta quite well, while raiding in Masters is easy and allows for quite stressless farming

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