Another showcase of my main. My grind is coming to an end and I’m starting to work on my Wizard towers as I run out of places to dump loot. Currently I have 43 lvl12 walls so another 7 to go. I’ll be able to create 4 walls as soon as I get 200k DE for AQ, so that’s accounted for.

I also started a wizard tower today, which should have been done yesterday if I have not forgotten and dumped the loot into my walls. But at least its getting done and I can see myself maxing all WT and CC in 2 weeks time after I’m back from vacation


Farmed around 100k DE today, this was the result of my farming the past 2 days:


Gemmed BK 13 hrs or so and he’s now on his way to 42. Its already 9 days since the update, so I think I’m doing quite well with the new stuff so far. Can’t wait to be maxed again so that I can try out the new golaloon now. My attempts pre-update only led to mostly 70-80% 2 stars so I hope I can get more triples now 🙂

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