Time skip, from day 30 to day 39 🙂

This account was far harder to manage while I was traveling because I am nowhere near rushed in this account. I had to farm the G&E to keep builders working on this account. I’m glad I was able to attack around 10 times per day on this account so that I could keep them busy.

Trying out champs league right now, though fails are more forgiving here due to loot bonus (50% but poor loot is also a fail to myself), I still dislike that bases here are much harder to get more loot. My net gain per raid is almost the same as in masters because I tend to get less loot per raid (but more bonus), but at least I gain more gold per raid so I can easily do defenses

Warden is on his way to lvl14 right now so I hope to be able to max him out soon. TH11 is hard because almost all your strength comes from the Grand Warden but he takes 87.5 days to max.

I was able to upgrade CC and finally finish maxing my storages while I was traveling, and had enough DE this morning to upgrade BK. All is going well for this account and I’ll have a 2 day gap between my builders so I don’t need to farm hard at all on this account


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