Upgraded 1 lvl12 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (13mil resources)

Upgraded another cannon to lvl13 so that I have a free builder in 7 days. Upgrades are coming along nicely on this account and its very casual here. I’m getting a free builder every 2 days so I can only farm 5mil elixir max per day. I’m making DE casually here although I might need to speed up afterwards to max hounds in lab.

Lvl2 hounds can actually put in work against many TH10,11 bases in Masters and even low Champs. My comp is same as my main: 1 hound, cc hound, 30 loons and 30 minions with 3 haste, 3 rage, 1 freeze. Does quite well and I can often secure at least 500k elixir per raid (around 300k profit)

DE is still quite slow because of the hounds and haste. But I’ll be able to farm more hardcore tomorrow so that I can fill up my DE storage easily


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