TH10 day 68

Technically, it was yesterday but I forgot. So let’s make it today!

Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources)

Well, started my day by upgrading a lvl12 gold mine. I’m 35 days away from maxing all my gold mines, if things go well. Maxing out collectors early will provide me with the most loot so that I don’t need to farm too much afterwards when I’m more casual.

Returned to barch today, 30min training time with 3 barracks, this will be hard. With 22min training time, barch is an excellent army to hit rapidly for major loot. 30min is quite painful.

After 8 months of play, I already have 24/33 royals and 91 legos/107 lavas/ 77 magmas. DE-wise, I’m actually only 65% done for TH10 and 45% done overall. Walls are looking good with only 776mil combined resources left. Doing 1 hero at a time, I only need another 23 weeks to max both heroes so I’ll have 40/40 in less than 14 months of play. Overall, I only need to farm 22.3k DE per day for 23 weeks to max my heroes, that doesn’t sound hard at all. It might become harder if I overlap DE lab upgrades with hero upgrades.

I plan to upgrade hound to lvl3 tomorrow and AQ to lvl35 in another 6 days. This means that I need 235k DE in 6 days. (235-80)/6 = 26k DE per day from today onwards. Should be easily doable.



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