Upgraded 4 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (11mil total resources)

Compared to my other account, this account is doing walls much slower because my upgrades are expensive and I tend to have 2 days between builders. So while my TH10 has done 300mil worth of wall upgrades, this account only managed around 200mil.

Upgraded my newbie archer tower so that its going to lvl10 now. Other new defenses are also getting to a healthy level. Upgrading new defenses tend to give the most benefit because they cost much less in time and gold. I don’t have them at their highest level yet because their relatively short timer is much more useful for me to manage my builders.

Already have 200k DE and BK will only wake up in 2 more days. Once GW is maxed, I’ll try my best to keep both heroes down as all my troops will instantly gain a new level due to Life aura (+275hp to all units)



  1. I was wondering that can we rush to TH11 and do the Hero grind in TH11 instead of TH9. What do you think?
    And what do you consider 8/8 (K/Q) Heroes (Early/Mid TH9.)


    • TH10 is a much better place, because TH11 needs far more elixir and you don’t gain any strength until you max your GW. Grind heroes at TH9 for now, G1 has quite a few good base for you to attack. With maxed elixir structures, a decent lab and 15/15 royals, moving up to TH10 will not be a problem anymore


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