Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 2 lvl11 walls today (8mil total resources)

Upgraded far less walls today because only had 1 day to farm and dumped most of my resources into the wizard tower. Its surprising how much SC cut the costs of WT, because the were really outliers in terms of cost. They used to cost 5.3mil for TH9 and 6.4mil for TH10, which were quite high. Now they’re just 3.7mil and 5.2mil, which are much cheaper compared to similar upgrades in their respective TH levels.

I still need 901mil resources for walls and 525mil gold for defenses. It will take me 160 days to max all defenses, that means that I need to farm (901+525)/160 = 9mil resources (4.5mil gold and 4.5mil elixir) per day. I’ll need more because I have not considered the cost for lab, but that is the gist of the amount of resources I need to max my base. I’m sure SC will add new stuff so I still have more time to farm. Also, adding new lvl12 walls will greatly increase my need.

I just need to farm as seriously as my main on this account to get the same progress.


Loot is quite good for the casual farmer. If you cannot consistently get hounds in your CC, use 2 hounds, 26 loons and 25 minions instead. Quite a bit weaker, but having 2 hounds is always better than 1screenshot_2017-02-11-10-50-21

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