Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls today (6mil total resources)

Change of base, trying out this new base also by Pho. Its a ring base and I hope it protects my DE and 1/5 of my loot well. I really don’t expect it to protect more than 270k loot at a time but that’s quite reasonable loot retention. Might post defense logs afterwards.

Started upgrade on my Tesla after my Eagle is done. Now that its maxed, I hope to see better defenses and not 3 stars despite strong defenses.

Also finished my lava hound today so that I have maxed laloon right now. I actually can’t feel the difference in power of hounds lvl3 and lvl4. That’s what happens what SC gives shit stats on troop upgrades and put them all into GW. Imo, SC should really look into buffing all TH10 and TH11 troops so that they can scale better. Upgrading haste spell in lab as its still lvl 1 right now. I plan to upgrade baby drags after this


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