Just got a 3 star in my recent war attack on my main account and won our clan the war (we were actually already ahead in %, but winning by stars is more satisfying).

Here’s the attack:

Just a simple attack with a killsquad. Baby drag for funneling, bk for AQ and bowlers, AQ, GW taking down as much as possible. I actually wanted eagle dead as well, but taking down an inferno and an air sweeper (AQ went to 3 o’clock) might have made it much better because infernos and AS are more annoying to deal with.

Rage and freeze obviously misplaced, but still was enough power to plow through an easy base. CC baby drag and minions did nothing against me (this was a cleanup attack so I knew the cc beforehand), and my balloons just went ahead and finished off all the defenses.

Overall very satisfying attack, much better than my second attack in war which resulted in a 60% 1 star.

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