Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 6 lvl11 walls today (20mil total resources)

Did quite a number of walls today since I upgraded BK. Didn’t manage enough DE for AQ so opted to upgrade BK instead, oh well.

At least bk is going to lvl35 now, I’ll get to use him afterwards while I push AQ all the way to lvl45. I just don’t have as much heart to farm on this acc compared to my main, so I need to force myself a little.


Attack log:


Retrospectively, using 3 hounds per raid isn’t going to help much with my DE, which is probably why I didn’t have enough DE for AQ lvl41 today. I’ll switch to 1 hound tomorrow when I start farming

I actually don’t get much more loot with warden than without. As usual, my best income comes from dead bases so I’ll drop a little

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