Day 99

The 9th month was actually yesterday, but I forgot again so here I am trying to replace it.

Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall (only 5mil total resources)

Started my 3rd barracks to max, so I need 20 more days to have maxed barracks and another free builder to work on defenses. I also started lvl4 minions in lab, which are quite cheap. I already can feel the difference between lvl1 and lvl3 minions, let’s see what lvl5-6 can do.

A 9 month old account, is currently TH10 with maxed farming troops, 24/37 royals. Which maxer can even come close to that? Most maxers right now don’t even have 15/15 royals, let alone my level of royals and nearly maxed AQ. Why bother staying in lower TH levels when you get the most loot and protection as a TH10?

Currently 40 lvl9 walls, 85 lvl10 walls and 150 lvl11 walls. I just need another 455mil resources to max them all. According to my slow farming statistics, I need another 1.5 month to max walls then the game becomes a snorefest after that.

AQ waking in 3 days and she will cost 181k, that means that I need to farm about 20k per day to cap storages and easily upgrade her. At least once she’s maxed, I’ll be able to farm better (I hope)



  1. Man I’m so excited for you on the speed that you’ve gotten to where you are. I always try to convince people to follow you and get this far. Sometimes, the fights are unreal.. “I can steamroll your base” or “wow you’re rushed, you suck.” I always get those comments, but just like you say, when I look at their royals or their progress I just laugh because I know I’m way ahead of them. I’m gonna keep following you the whole way Sin!


    • Yeah, trust me that I’ve mostly given up on advising others on this path. The forums, youtube and reddit has brainwashed most players to think that maxing the right way to play. Just see how many people are whining that they are losing against “rushed” bases in war. Maxing has been dead for more than a a year now, give it time, people will probably realise that


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