Change of base design, want to try to protect stuff. The previous base was way too easy to lose 300-400k loot, so want to try and protect more loot here. It seems that protecting loot in TH11 is futile, so its probably safe for my TH10 to move up whenever I’m ready.

Upgraded 2 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (13mil total resources)

DE capped already but BK still needs to 2 days before he wakes up. I’ll upgrade AQ but I won’t have a free builder in 2-3 days so I’ll bear with the capped DE.

Upgraded my low level archer tower to lvl11 today so that it can match the theme of my base afterwards.



    • It is unfortunately an issue in all TH levels, just that I can use a weak base to trick noobs to hit my weak bases. For TH11 though, my maxed or rushed TH11 does not matter as I’m crushed on most defenses


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