Upgraded 4 lvl11 walls today (12mil total resources)

Decent day of farming, I just need to get enough DE now to start hero upgrades again. BK will take another 16 weeks to complete, around 4 months. I will probably move to TH11 before this happens so that I can easily finish warden and BK together.

Upgraded an archer tower today mainly to have a free builder in 3 days. I also need to farm 4mil elixir today because I need to upgrade my final barracks tomorrow. After that, I will not have any elixir building upgrades anymore until TH11


Attack log:


Loot is abysmal using QW+laloon, I’ll be switching back to quad laloon after this.

Someone asked me why do I use laloon despite always advising barch. I just remembered the main reason today. I have an upgrading barracks which means that barch will take 28-30min to train, while quad laloon takes 32min to train. With such small differences in training time, it makes a little more sense to use a stronger army. I will also max walls easily within 2 months, so there is no sense in saving my elixir by using barch.

Defense log:


Still defending reasonably well despite having an xbow and 3 teslas down. Too many noobs think that they can break this TH7 defense base, but they vastly underestimate me. My base actually has the strength of a maxed TH9


  1. For staying in c1-m3 with max barch what spells should I use?
    Also isn’t it hard to 50% a th9 let alone th10 with barch? And it seems only those good bases seem to have the de drills.


    • I like using 5 zap spells, so that I can maintain leagues in a pinch and zap DE drills deep inside the base.

      With lvl7 barch, 50% a maxed TH9 is extremely easy. You just need to spread out your barch, I’ll probably make some videos soon about barch. Just need to record my recent 3 star on my main account


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