Upgraded only 2 lvl11 walls today (6mil total resources)

At least farming today is decent because its a Sunday, going back to the wards tomorrow so can’t play too much 😦

DE is going well now, I’ll have enough DE by tomorrow to start my BK. Today, I started the upgrade of my final barracks to lvl12. In just 10 days I’ve finally finished the grind to max all my barracks, it has been almost 3 months now and fortunately its going to end soon. I think that this grind is much worse than any hero grind because I don’t need heroes to farm but having barch training at 30min is really painful



  1. i am getting ready to start the th9 barracks upgrades myself. i took another break last week but hit it pretty hard this weekend. i am finally finishing up my last couple elixir upgrades. as they finish, i am going to have 1 builder do barracks, 1 do queen, and 3 do collectors. my queens are both going from 9 -> 10 right now. my upgrades have been pretty much back to back, but now that i am finally done going after so much elixir, i can focus more on dark and maybe even try out goblin knifing. though i have still been having decent success with barch and a jump or two. they are 8 day upgrades so my hope is with a bit of overalap as each one starts, i can have them all done in 4 weeks. i plan to go moderately slow on walls while doing collectors and then once all the barracks are back up, my research should be in a much better place to really start grinding.


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