Upgraded 2 lvl 10 walls and 6 lvl11 walls in these 2 days (22mil total resources or 11mil per day)

Was quite busy yesterday and couldn’t find time to do an update. I’ll combine both days together so that you can see the progress. (In fact I was playing pool and table tennis for 2 hours yesterday)

Didn’t farm too much yesterday because of my schedule, but did quite a lot of farming on Sunday so my walls are very close to completion soon. 343mil resources to go so I’ll probably complete my walls within 1.5 months? I am seriously contemplating to upgrade TH soon now so that I don’t need to do the transition later on. I’ll be more busy afterwards during July to Nov so if I upgrade TH now it would be more beneficial. We’ll see how it goes.

Upgraded an Archer tower yesterday, so that I can have a free builder in 2 days time. It probably won’t impact my defenses at all.

Upgraded BK today, he’s going to lvl25 now and he’ll probably be on upgrade until I reach TH11. At most I’ll see him reach lvl30 I think, but we’ll see.


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