Bonus content today because I was tardy yesterday!

Still maxed right now:


Haste spell still upgrading in lab, not sure if lvl4 will make an impact. I don’t feel any changes from lvl2 compared to lvl4 when I use my alts, but I can test it out in a week or so.

War attack:


Easy war base and easy 3 star. I can’t record it because my phone quality is really abysmal. Not sure how to fix it so YouTube channel on hiatus until further notice unfortunately.

That also means no farming attacks on TH10/11 accounts 😦


  1. did you see they are adding 25 more max walls in the upcoming update? supposed to be out in the next couple days.

    then you have something to spend loot on again!


  2. I’ve been using Nox emulator and it is surprisingly good (no ads, lighter on my system compared to BS, easy to setup and it claims to support recording).

    I can’t test it because my 10 video card is in the end of her cycle (or way past that), blinking if i use it heavily. I can’t really push the potato pc to its limits nowadays…


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