Upgraded 5 lvl10 walls and 2 lvl11 walls today (16mil total resources)

Made a mistake today, dumped all my loot into walls without saving some for my planned upgrade (archer tower). Instead, I upgraded a small bomb followed by an air bomb today. This is another advantage of a rushed base, I have many cheap upgrades so that I can still dump loot when I don’t have enough for a planned upgrade.

A maxer would have completed everything resulting in expensive upgrades. A non-rushed TH10 would have minimum 2-4mil upgrades on traps so a mistake like that would result in an idle builder for 1 day and ultimately delaying their journey to maxed TH11.




Not aiming for anything in particular, just casually farming to accrue enough loot for AQ. Everything else is just too simple, even walls.


Defensive losses are not correlated to hero levels. Higher hero levels does not mean better attacks or farming, lower hero levels does not mean you can’t farm. People somehow think that hero levels are directly proportional to loot gained, but if you rely on heroes to farm, you are probably farming wrong


  1. I’m in m2 rn..will be going to champs for the gems. It’ll probably be around 3 weeks until I get my max barch. All my collector raids are coming from th10s only which I’m afraid can’t do a 50% with barch even with lvl7 to maintain league. For the push I’m using giwi with healers but I’ll soon reach an elixir upgrade for which I have to farm with barch. Buy I’m afraid I’ll lose trophies due to this. What to do?


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