Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall today (total 5mil resources)

Since I spent some of the loot yesterday (upgrading traps so had more chances to use builders), today only managed a few walls. Overall my walls will be

BK going to wake in 5 days and unfortunately I have already farmed enough for his next upgrade. BK is really a cakewalk compared to upgrading AQ.

Upgraded a lvl7 cannon today to lvl8 and upgraded a lvl7 AT today to lvl8. Since I had an extra builder today from yesterday’s mistake, I could put to defenses down today.

These 2 buildings will increase +8 and +6 dps for a mere 5 days and 1.5mil. Compare that with my other TH11 account, which requires at least 7mil gold and 8 days to upgrade a single AT to +13 dps. I always say in the forum that SC adheres strictly to the law of diminishing returns, and this is why.

Costing that much, each upgrade should greatly boost your defensive strength. It will be balanced because you are fighting against your own strength of troops. Imo, such a cost should give around +35 dps so that the price is worth the trouble. Of course troops should be strengthened as well to deal with that strength of defense. The main implication here is the disallow the lower TH (TH9) from ever touching the higher TH (TH10 here), because TH9 troops are facing 75 dps towers, they will struggle hard against 120 dps towers so it prevents them from touching a TH10.


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