Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall today (5mil total resources)

Was only able to do small amount of farming yesterday due to a busy schedule. My schedule will only get busier now and I probably need to rush to TH11 asap. From July onwards, I’ll be super busy being in the wards until I finish my finals in Nov. I think I’ll need to rush to TH11 in April the latest.

Upgraded a tesla today to lvl4. At TH8, it used to be 6+8+10 days * 3 = 72 days of tesla upgrading, so people used to advise ABT (always be tesla’ing). Now it has been discounted to 6+7+8 * 3 = 63 days in total. So rushing defenses actually has a big benefit because things become cheaper as time passes. My ADs are lvl3 right now and lvl4-8 just recently got a discount so I’m quite glad that I didn’t do them previously.

Of course there are loads of maxers who are complaining about it as usual but they complain about everything anyway.

This account is much better in terms of progress because it is a rusher, compared to SinMini who previously maxed TH8 and almost maxed TH9, both which are really bad moves and cause me quite some distress now as I upgrade walls on that account. I only need 313mil resources to max walls on this account. At this rate I’ll complete them probably before I even reach TH11 next month. Defense costs are negligible and it just means that maxing walls and heroes on this account would so much easier.


Attack log:


Not aiming for any particular resource here, just raiding casually and getting as much loot as I can. I don’t get 100% on my attacks because I quit once I get all the loot. No point going for the 3 star and moving up quickly in trophies, because I will need to drop afterwards anyways. Around 2500-2700 is where good storage loot is, while 2300-2600 are all good for collectors.


  1. I’m in masters 2 with rushed th10 with lvl6 gibarch and all the collector bases are only of max th10 which I’m able to raid with giwi only. Archer will max in 3 days and I want to farm for barbarian lab. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to maintain the league since I can barely scratch a maxed th10. Also my loons are just lvl3 so no point with loonion.


    • Ah, then I don’t see much sense grinding so hard just to reach champs. Just drop back to C1-2 and farm hard for now. Once you have done your troops and hopefully reach TH11, you’ll automatically reach champs without trying


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