The new update dropped right after I posted my last showcase so I spaced out this showcase a little bit later.


Switched to this farming base so that people won’t milk me at this league. DE inevitably overflowing once I start farming, so I’m using laloonion to burn as much DE as I can. Obviously I’m failing at that and I’m still overflowing DE.

I have upgraded 7 ivory walls so far out of 25, so that means 18 to go (72mil resources). I’m quite confident that I can complete these walls before even my first AD is complete, which will take another 10 days. Do note that I used gold for ADs the past few days so after I put my 4th AD down, I’ll be able to dump gold rapidly into my walls.

Luckily there is no lab update as I still have 4.5 months worth of lab upgrade left to work on .

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