Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 4 lvl12 walls today (18mil total resources)

Since I had 3 days of no free builders, I was able to shore up full storages and almost full CC due to the star bonus event and clan war wins. I just dumped all the loot I got and continue farming.

I upgraded my 4th xbow to lvl4, its only a small +10 dps but it will do. Since my base is halfway to maxed, most upgrades already lose their strength and are mostly pointless. But I’ll still upgrade or else there will be nothing left to do.

I still have 144 days worth of upgrades to do, costing a total of 444mil gold. I also have 848mil resources worth of upgrades to do. (444+848)/144 = 8.97mil total resources. I’ll need to farm almost 9mil total resources per day for the next 144 days to max my walls and defenses. It is not really easy because of all the loot + builder management I need to do, but I’ll just try my best. Worse comes to worse, I’ll just have a few walls to do after maxing defenses.


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