Upgraded 2 lvl10 and 2 lvl11 walls today (10mil total resources)

Couldn’t farm much today because of a busy schedule, even on Saturdays. At least tomorrow I’ll get a day off to play, but I need to catch up on assignments and presentations. Oh well, such is the life of a medical student.

I plan to upgrade bowlers to lvl2 tomorrow, and BK will wake in 2 days. That means I’ll need to farm another 80k DE in 2 days. These few days have been using 3 hound laloon so DE barely rose in 2 days. No choice but to grit my teeth and farm harder tomorrow to make up for it.

Upgraded my last cannon to lvl8 today so I won’t have any 2 day cannons any more, but I still have 2 day mortars so that’s fine. I’ll be using 3 day upgrades like my AT and lvl9 cannons instead to prevent a day without a free builder.


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