Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 2 lvl11 walls today (10mil total resources)

At least this account can upgrade many more walls because my upgrades are cheap. After this I really don’t need to worry about having a builder coming free every day when I finish my walls.

Maxed AQ really helps but I do not QW on this account. The main problem of QW is that one failure (AQ death = failure regardless of loot gained) sets me back 49min of training time. That is hugely inefficient and wastes a lot of time unless I want to boost her which wastes gems.

Upgraded my 2nd tesla to lvl4 today, I’ll probably push them to lvl8 straightaway and people will surely gasp when they see 4 maxed teslas pop out the middle of the base and fry their army as they reach the core. Having concentrated defenses is good because infernos heal block to ensure troops don’t get healed, then teslas + xbows mow them down while they hit my lvl11 walls futilely.

Upgrading bowlers to lvl2 in lab right now. Not sure if I’ll use them afterwards, but I’ll definitely try them out in some sort of ground barch army. Both my accounts some how have lab completing at the same time this week, even heroes are synced up as both accounts have heroes completing on every Tuesdays. I’ll need to farm another 53k DE in 2 days if I want to upgrade my BK on schedule.



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