Upgraded only 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall today (5mil total resources)

Didn’t farm too much yesterday sadly. And I needed to dump 7mil gold and 7mil elixir into upgrades so only very little can be dumped into walls. That’s why my goal of farming 9mil resources per day is easy, but due to builder availability and needing to dump most of my loot into building upgrades, its quite hard to do many walls on this account. I might need to do walls after finishing defenses, oh well. This is the outcome for not rushing properly and opting to max.

Upgraded my last cannon to lvl13 today, it will be some time before I begin lvl14 cannons because their gain is not as worth it now. Furthermore, the meta is now skewed towards air so a lot of ground dps is quite useless.

Upgraded baby drag to lvl4 in lab today. I just realised that the main purpose of baby drags is to sacrifice elixir for DE, and I definitely have no problems farming for DE, its farming for elixir to upgrade walls that is harder. So I will definitely not work on baby drag lvl5 after this, I’ll need to reevaluate my upgrade plan.


Did some barch today:


Reasonable amount of loot and gotten quite a bit of elixir today. Ignored DE so didn’t make much DE, but its alright because valks cost a little that I’m earning far more DE than I need. Used spells in the last raid because I wanted to dump my spells for casual laloon. The gap between raids might be long, its because I’m just farming casually and my loot can definitely go up very quickly.

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