Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (7mil total resources)

Nothing much today, just another busy day which I cannot quite farm. Luckily everything I have costs so cheap, so that I just need to farm for heroes and lab. This is the good thing about rushing, that I can easily upgrade cheap stuff so that I can really focus on the tough stuff. Imagine that I need to farm 4-8mil gold per day just to upgrade defenses, yet still need to farm 30k DE per day for heroes. And people say rushing is tough, I find maxing to be much tougher.

Upgraded a mortar today, mainly just to have a free builder in 2 days. Actually with my minimal farming right now, I can really have gaps where I don’t have free builders but since I have so many cheap upgrades, I wondered, “Why not?”

Plan to upgrade to TH11 in a month or less, hope I can max warden before July



  1. I just put my first inferno and joined an fwa. Will put my 2nd inferno tomorrow and all 3 xbows the coming weeks. Question is, are all fwa clan plain boring. I mean I can see the chat history of 2 days ago.


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