Second last showcase before I’m fully maxed again. Upgraded many walls in these few days so I’m happy with that. Almost my entire centre of the base is white and its quite good looking.

Slowly climbing to champs 1 and loot is quite average here. No good raids and weak bonus really makes it not worth it in high leagues. People do not understand that loot bonus should be a bonus on top on loot gained from the raid, not as a replacement. If I’m getting 500k+150k in Masters, I expect 500k+300k in titans which I cannot regularly get. In titans, I only average 200-300k per raid which is absolute garbage when compared to lower leagues.


Only 3 walls left, probably going to get them done tomorrow:


Due to my diligent hunting, I’ve also gotten a new thing:


Free gems! At least its something so I can eventually afford hero upgrades when SC finally releases them

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