Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall today (5mil total resources)

At least my lava walls are nearly done, then I’ll be left with the 3mil walls which I need to push to max.

Upgraded an Archer tower today, so that I get a free builder in 3 days time.


Crushed a maxer today:



What’s the point of beefing up your defenses so much when I can crush you so easily? It doesn’t matter how long you spent at lower TH levels trying hard to beef your defenses, you’ll be crushed by someone larger than you anyways. In this case, I punched up and crushed the poor fellow. Of course he wasn’t happy and revenged:


You can tell that the revenge was done purely out of spite because I offered a minuscule amount of resources and even my DE can’t pay for his army. He had maxed heroes as well so there was no reason to attack me for my DE. I find it quite funny that I, as person who played for less than a year, can hit up and crush a person who spent far longer playing the game. Because I played it right

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