Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 2 lvl11 walls today (8mil total resources)

Nothing much today, just farming on a Saturday so that I can afford my upgrades. BK waking in 3 days and I already have enough DE to put him back to sleep, no worries there. The worry is that I will probably overflow DE while I wait for BK

Upgraded my WT to lvl6 today so that it will be maxed TH8 level soon. Planned to upgrade AD but the cost reduction made it 4 days instead of the my planned 5 days, so I will need to rearrange my upgrade schedule to accommodate for ADs


Attack log:


Lots of decent attacks overall, loot going is reasonably well so I’m not complaining


  1. This is what i told you about weeks ago, the QW barch
    Tbh i don’t need de as you can see, i got 135k de while king is down for 5D17H at time of pictures
    I don’t want to upgrade DE stuff on lab because i want ro finish as many elixir as possible (not like the lab is really costly if you look at it as cost per day)

    Im gonna drop to silver and bronze to work on defenses achievement while having good gold and elixir down there with not that many de so i won’t overflow
    Or would use DE armies maybe id i reach 150k


    • Looks good! (y)

      I might try this today since my barracks have been done for a week or so now. Didn’t pay too much attention and now my laloon is training in 29min (used to be 38).


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